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What is the Plasma Hair Treatment

placma hair treatment

Today we will discuss the plasma hair treatment, also known as platelet rich plasma(prp hair treatment). In this post we will see what it is, what it is for, contraindications and everything you need to know about this prp hair treatment.

What is the prp hair treatment

The process of prp hair treatment is a technique that consists of introducing to the patient plasma that has previously been extracted from his own blood, then those that have growth factors are selected, to be introduced through micro-injections to the scalp.

Contrary to what many people think this process is free of pain, and in itself does not hurt and likewise is used anesthesia.

What is the use of platelet-rich plasma for hair?

As you probably know the objective of this hair technique is to combat hair loss and promote its growth, the results are fabulous.

This process enhances and stimulates the regeneration of hair tissues and promotes the formation of collagen elastin, which helps to stop hair falling drastically. In addition, the plasma is rich in certain minerals and vitamins which will also cause the hair to become strong and look better.

How effective is the plasma hair treatment

The implementation of plasma for the hair is a highly effective process, according to the data of various researches more than 70% of the patients claim not only to have managed to stop the hair loss with this procedure but it has helped them to grow and to a better density or volume.

This is exactly the goal of plasma treatment. This process has already been implemented for several years but it has not been popular until recently.

Can I make the platelet-rich plasma treatment myself?

No, although as you have seen it is not as complex a process as it may seem, it requires a professional to take care of this treatment, since some tools are needed that must be handled by a professional. Only then can you guarantee an excellent job.

Contraindications of plasma treatment for hair

Prp hair treatment is quite safe, as you have realized it is about using components of your own blood, so you do not run any risk at all. Your doctor with a couple of tests will know if there is something that asks for this type of procedure so there is no reason to be afraid.

If you are suffering from hair loss, baldness problems or your hair does not grow all you would like this treatment is highly recommended.