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Stimulates Hair Growth with Butterfly Pea

butterfly pea dry for hair loss

Butterfly Pea (Clitoria Ternatea) is also popular with Asian pigeon wings, Blue Bell Vine, Blue Pea, Cordofan Pea and Darwin Pea, or you can also read the health benefits of peas. Generally called butterfly pea is an incredible herb native to tropical equatorial Asia.

The name comes from its luminous indigo color and traditionally you can find in the cuisine, coloring the deserts or as a vibrant colored. As mentioned, butterfly pea has many health benefits besides stimulating the brain and include:

Stimulates hair growth with butterfly pea
Bioflavonoids from butterfly pea help stimulate hair growth and reduce gray hair. In addition, it thickens hair or prevents hair loss because of the ability to strengthen hair. Hair will be healthier and improves confidence as well.

This herb promotes blood circulation in the scalp, nourishing and stiffening the hair follicles as well. It has long been used for any decades as an ingredient in ancient herbal medicines widely used in Thailand as a treatment for prematurely graying hair and hair loss.

Hair loss treatment with butterfly pea

1. Blocking The Conversion Of Testosterone In Dihydrotestosterone (Dht) -the latter is a hormone that is known to weaken the hair follicles. When Dht levels in the hair of the scalp are decreased, the cycle of baldness or abnormal hair loss is corrected. Therefore, re-growth of new hair pattern is resumed to its normal position.
2. Eliminating Clogged Hair Follicles- This potential for elimination is made by dissolving sebum from the scalp or solidified oil, shampoo residues, and dead skin cells that are the major contributors to thinning or premature hair loss. Oil and dead skin cells from the scalp make a suitable habitat for the bacteria that destroy the scalp and the roots of the hair. When the hair follicles are free of obstructions, the dormant hair follicles can begin to reproduce healthy hair.
3. Raising The Blood Flow To The Scalp And The Roots Of The Hair- Stimulates enough blood flow as well as strengthens the roots to raise new healthy hair.
4. Stimulate And Nourish The Hair Follicles-Based Plant Products saturate the hair follicles with sufficient vital nutrition for the promotion of hair growth. They also restore the balance of moisture in the scalp and hair and supplement protect the hair from any nasty damage.

Other Benefits of Butterfly Pea

Improves vision
One of the health benefits of butterfly pea is improving vision. Proanthocyanidin contained in butterfly pea increases blood flow to the capillaries of the eyes. In addition, it may be the treatment for people with glaucoma, blurred vision, damage to the retina or tired eyes.

Supports skin health
Rich in antioxidants, butterfly pea supports skin health. The synthesis of collagen and elastin will be increased and they can lead to skin rejuvenation. Not only because of this, they also decrease wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Improves brain function
One of the most important benefits of butterfly pea is to increase cognitive function or improve brain function. It increases memory and concentration, including focus, in addition to preventing related diseases such as Alzheimer’s.

Decrease blood pressure
Reducing blood pressure can help the body protect the heart. As one of the crucial organs of the body, when the heart is healthy, it probably leads to increased function of other organs. Since then, it is recommended to consume butterfly pea because it promotes normal urination and lowers blood pressure.

Treat asthma
Some people believed that butterfly pea can treat asthma, while the benefit is proven by studies. Butterfly pea has anti-asthmatic and therefore many people use to treat the common cold, cough and asthma. In addition, butterfly pea plays a large role as an expectorant, including help to reduce the risk of irritation that can occur in respiratory organs.

Reduces depression
The other benefit of butterfly pea is to reduce depression and anxiety. The benefit is related to the anti-anxiety properties of butterfly pea. Adaptogenic in butterfly pea tends to help the body cope with stressors that also make you feel better.

Eliminates cancer cells
Antioxidants in butterfly pea reduce free radicals in the body as the main reason for some types of cancer. In addition, disruption of cell membrane integrity can kill cancer cells and protect the body from some other conditions.

Relieves fever
butterfly pea can relieve the fever, especially when you are drinking with warm and warm water. To get the benefit successfully, it is recommended to take healthy foods to increase the healing process. In addition, you can also take medicine if the condition is getting worse.

Prevent HIV
Cyclothids in butterfly pea can prevent HIV. The benefit has also been proven by some studies and said that when the cycloton increases, the anti-HIV also increases. On the other hand, you can consult the doctor because of the treatment of HIV.

Protects the body against diabetes
Anti-diabetic in butterfly pea works well for the body, reducing the levels of glucose in the body. Comes with benefit, the body will also be protected from other diseases that can occur as a result of diabetes. In addition, diabetes is one of the most dangerous diseases in the world.

Increases the immune system
The combination of anti-inflammatory and antioxidants in butterfly pea tends to protect the body because it boosts the immune system. As is known, when your immune system is strong, you are probably protected from some conditions that are likely to cause the body to become weak.