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PhytoWorx Organic Shampoo: The Power of Stem Cell against Hair Loss

PhytoWorx Organic Hair Loss Shampoo

Researchers have unceasingly looking for a solution to hair loss. Hair loss is widely affecting both men and women. This problem has greatly impacted lives. Unfortunately, many existing hair treatment products against hair loss do not really resolve this problem. Others are just making it worst because of toxic chemicals integrated with the formula. Chemical substances are toxic to hair follicles and scalp.

Despite of the growing issues of problems with hair loss, Phytoworx Shampoo has the solution! Phytoworx is 100 % natural and organic. It is composed of different essential oil extracts. But the difference with phytoworx organic  shampoo is that it uses the wonders of stem cells. Stem cells have been proven to be effective in histopathology and general pathology field. It is phytochemically tested and modified!

Wonders of Stem Cells

Natural essential oil extracts use by phytoworx Shampoo is integrated with stem cell. A stem cell is extracted from a rare plant, Malus Domestica, originated from Switzerland. These stem cells become part of this new innovation on dealing with hair loss and regrowing it to more abundant and thicker hair.

Stem Cell:

  • It is for cell regeneration. It is the primary feature of stem cell. It replaces the dead cell. It replenishes the hair growth.
  • It is for cell repair. Aside from replacing the cell, it also repairs damaged hair caused by different internal and external factors. It reconstructs it to create a new conformation of hair structure from deep roots up to its tips.
  • It rebuilds the hair’s natural components. The stem cells help to stimulate the hormones that are responsible for simulating the hair growth. Also, it restores the lost essential molecules secreted by the body for hair regulation. It helps the hair to rebuild its functional unit to perform again a specific and stronger hair.
  • It supplies nutrients to the scalp and hair follicles. The stem cell extracted from the rare plant supplies the much more needed nutrients for the hair. This induced the hair follicle to function more. At the same time, it cleanses the roots and follicles.
  • It develops the roots. This is for better absorption of nutrients. It also removes the blockage in the pores of the scalp that hinder the hair to grow. As the hair freely sprouts from the scalp, the follicle naturally stimulates hair growth.

With the new formulated PhytoWorx shampoo, your hair will replenish and rejuvenates. You will no longer suffer the false promises of your past hair shampoo. See and be the first to know how amazing PhytoWorx shampoo is! It is truly awesome.
This is not just being natural but scientific as well. A more improved and more clinically tested and proven. The power of natural essential oil extracts plus the wonders of stem cell will sure give the best result. You cannot afford to lose more. Don’t allow yourself to be disappointed with false expectation. PhytoWorx Works!!! Do not let hair loss lose your confidence. Be on track once again. Let everyone be amazed on how you and PhytoWorks defeat hair loss.