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7 benefits of argan oil shampoo for hair growth

argan-oil shampoo for hair growth

Today I want you to know a very good product for hair care, it is the argan oil shampoo, this product prepared with argan oil, is taking a lot of strength in the last year due to its great benefits and properties that gives our hair.

One of its main benefits is to give our hair shine, strength, and softness. I invite you to read the whole post so you know more about this safe and reliable product for our hair.

Next, I will mention in detail the benefits of argan oil shampoo, I advance that this shampoo contains a high content of omega 3 and vitamin E, both elements provide great benefits to the scalp as I said before it provides strength, softness, and strength.

Benefits of argan oil shampoo

1. Nourish the dyed hair

The argan oil shampoo contains protective and antioxidant properties responsible for nourishing and protecting the hair from root to tip. Highly recommended for dyed hair.

2. Avoid hair loss
Argan oil shampoo is an excellent product to prevent hair loss, it is even able to improve the broken ends, thanks to its properties it reinforces each strand of hair.

3. Brightens hair
Thanks to its antioxidant properties Argan oil shampoo gives vitality to your hair making it get a natural shine, it also leaves it soft and silky to be handled more easily.

4. Argan oil shampoo for dry and damaged hair
The argan oil shampoo naturally gives moisture to the hair, making it look much more hydrated and healthy, it is one of the hair products more able to moisturize and moisturize the scalp.

5. Eliminates dandruff
Argan oil shampoo significantly improves the scalp and hair cells, eliminating dandruff and preventing its appearance while you use it.

6. Makes hair grow
Thanks to its cleaning properties since argan oil contains a large amount of vitamin E and vitamin F, it helps your hair to be much more nourished, to grow much faster and with greater strength.

7. Hydrates and moisturizes hair
The argan oil shampoo is a two in one, that is, it is able to make your hair so hydrated that you do not need to use conditioner.

It is very common that some brands of shampoo cause fall, dryness or any type of abuse, however, this is one of those few who repair and take great care of the hair.

You can find the argan oil shampoo in any pharmacy, beauty parlor or even supermarkets; Its use is very simple as well as the other types of shampoo, unlike the use of a conditioner.

Argan oil product recommend

Proper use of argan oil shampoo

  1. You must wet your hair completely with plenty of water, it does not matter if it is cold or hot.
  2. Then drain a little to remove the excess water, then place in your hands the argan oil shampoo, adequate amount to cover all your hair.
  3. Then put over all your hair with argan oil shampoo, making sure it is well distributed throughout your hair.
  4. Now you should perform a gentle massage on the scalp for a period of 2 minutes.
  5. Finally, rinse until all the shampoo is removed. Repeat the whole process twice for better results.
  6. You must perform this wash at least twice a week.

More advice on using argan oil shampoo

  • If you have oily hair you should avoid using this product since it is made from argan oil, which is not recommended.
  • It is not necessary to use conditioner, because it provides the hair with the necessary nutrients to leave it hydrated.
  • Argan oil is widely used by medicine and you also have great culinary uses.
  • The argan oil shampoo without salt is much more beneficial, therefore try to use brands that do not contain salt.