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Why the Viviscal Extra Strength Promotes Hair Growth

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Viviscal Extra Strength Promotes Hair Growth

Hair loss and damaged can be a very real problem for both men and women. With more and more young men and women experiencing this condition, there is a growing need for hair loss supplement and medication. Viviscal hair growth is one of the products that lead the hair loss and damage supplements in the industry today. They boast to have a 100% drug-free dietary supplement that has organic and natural made ingredients instead. And because of this, it became the No 1 selling hair growth supplement that is sold worldwide. Its result is even backed by 5 clinical trials that conducted tests on the product.

But why is viviscal hair growth a very effective hair growth supplement? If you look at the active ingredients this hair growth supplement uses, then you might have an idea why it Is so effective. Here are some of the active ingredients it uses:

AminoMar™ Marine Complex

Viviscal is a product that exclusively made and distributed by the company Lifes2good, they also market other health and beauty products. The company has also been rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau. They also have an exclusive right to AminoMar™ complex, a compound that is made up of Shark powder and Molluscs powder. This compound helps nourish thinning and hair loss by promoting hair growth. Here are the two main ingredients of this amazing complex:

  • Shark Powder – made up of shark materials including its cartilage.
  • Mollusca Powder – made up of ground up shells of different mollusca

AminoMar is scientifically formulated helps to viviscal hair growth users a natural and organic hair growth supplement that help the growth of hair from within. They also made clinical trials that made positive results to both men and women.

Horsetail Extract

Another key ingredient that the company Lifes2good adds to the viviscal hair growth supplement is horsetail extract. They usually extract this from the plant “Equisetum arvense” or most commonly known as horsetails. It is not specified which specific compound in the extract can actually affect the loss of hair, or if it helps in hair growth. What is known is that horsetail extract from its stem contains some anti-inflammatory properties.

Millet Seed Extract

Sorghum bicolor or more commonly known as “broom corn” or Millet Seed has no known role to play in human hair growth. But it is of dietary importance because it contains a lot of B-vitamins as well as calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, magnesium and essential fats. There might not be a direct connection to hair growth, but these vitamins and minerals are still important in keeping a healthy body and ultimately your hair as well.

And because viviscal hair growth supplement contains shark and mollusca materials it should be noted that those with fish and shellfish allergies should not use this product. Because it uses as a significant amount of them it might trigger an allergic reaction. But for the rest of the people afflicted by hair loss and balding spots, this is a great product to use against that.

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